Nano Sized EMS Powerhouse.

STIMFIT® is a  new electronic muscle stimulation product.  It’s an innovation AbBelt featuring Swiss Stimulation Technology from Valmed SA.  It is the World’s Most Smallest & Powerful AbBelt.

EMS device by STIMFIT
EMS device by STIMFIT

The Early EMS Years

Since the 1950s, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) devices have been used to enhance muscle and sports performance.  The former Soviet Union were pioneers.  They used EMS with athletes.  The effectiveness from the early years has been widely written about but most are unpublished.  The size of these devices has changed through the decades.  A single device was so big it had to sit on a table.  Another disadvantage was the EMS devices had to be connected to a wall outlet for power.  It wasn’t until the 1990s that EMS devices could run on batteries and were small enough to be handheld.  Compex SA, a Swiss-based medical device company led the way and were sold initially in Europe.

The Modern Era

By the early 2000s, they had competition.  In 1999, an American company, Rehabilicare, acquired Compex SA.  They continued to grow the European business.  They changed their name to Compex Technologies, Inc.  By 2003, they created an over-the-counter division led by Dale Henn.  Compex remained the dominant EMS device in the United States until 2007.  Compex also distributed a leading abdominal belt from Ireland named Slendertone.  This was the leading abdominal belt in Europe and they were seeking a way to enter the USA market.  Together, Compex and Slendertone dominated the USA market for a number of years.  Compex Technologies was acquired in 2006 and sales plummeted for a few years.Contour Technology was founded by Dale Henn after he departed

Dale Henn founded Contour Technology in 2006.  Contour’s developed their device using another Swiss-based medical device technology from Valmed SA.  By 2008, Contour became the dominant EMS device in the United States.  Contour manufactured and sold an abdominal belt but the device could also be used as a handheld device like Compex.  Contour dominated the USA until 2011.  Slendertone evolved their product and the device became even smaller than the handheld size of Compex and Contour.  Since 2011, Slendertone’s brand FlexBelt has led sales in the United States.

The Future Has Arrived

In 2015, after nearly 5 years of research and development, Dale Henn has re-emerged as founder of BodyLogic Wearables, a wearable EMS system.  He has partnered again with Valmed SA who has continued to innovate.  Valmed has shrunk the size of the device without sacrificing performance.  In 2016, BodyLogic launched STIMFIT, the World’s Smallest and Most Powerful EMS device.

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    • Dale Henn says:

      There are only 3 ab belts in the world that are worth buying. Slendertone & Flex Belt are both from Bio-Medical Research…an Ireland company. They are the same product with a few different features. I launched Slendertone in the USA in 2003 and sold them until 2006. By 2007, I started Contour, which was better in many key ways but all 3 were very good and the only ones you should consider. STIMFIT is a leap forward in ab belts. I still used the same Swiss Stimulation technology that I used in Contour but made the device very small so it is more wearable. I replaced the gel pad electrodes that need to be replaced monthly or every couple months with a revolutionary dry electrode made of 99.5% medical grate silver. The electrodes are much larger and STIMFIT covers more of your abdominal muscles than any other ab belt. The STIMFIT is such a high efficiency, it has become the most powerful and comfortable ab belt ever made. Plus, you can use it on your abs or back. The chart on the homepage of the STIMFIT website shows a nice comparison. I’m the only guy on the planet that has manufactured and sold Slendertone, Contour and STIMFIT so if anybody knows the difference, I would. I hope you decide to give STIMFIT a try! You won’t be disappointed. DALE HENN | CEO & Founder | STIMFIT/BODYLOGIC WEARABLES.

  1. Dorothy Greathouse says:

    Great to know that you also launched Contour which I absolutely love! I will give STIMFIT a try also.

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