Muscle Stimulation – Ab + Back Innovation Long Overdue

Ab + Back muscle stimulation has been absent in the market.  Ab belts have been around for many years.  Many of them are compression style belts that can hold the “belly” in, giving the appearance of being slimmer.  Back belts have also been around for many years.  They typically have some sort of splinting or support in the lower back that helps people support weak back muscles, especially during activity, work related lifting or sitting at your desk.

Electronic muscle stimulation or EMS has also been around for many years.  The use of EMS started with athletes in Eastern Block countries like Russia, Bulgaria and others.  Scientists discovered that electronic stimulation of muscles would enhance sport performance by both increasing strength and accelerating muscle recovery.  Use of EMS has continued into the modern day athlete or sports competitor.

In the early 2000’s the world started seeing electronic stimulation ab belts.  Many were poorly made and most were ineffective.  By 2003, the United States had taken most of them out of circulation.  One company survived.  Slendertone by BioMedical Research (Galway, Ireland).  By 2007, Contour Technology (company founded by Dale Henn) launched an FDA Cleared ab belt of its own.  By 2010, Slendertone created a new version called FlexBelt in 2010.  All three are FDA Cleared for sale without a prescription.  They are all good products with some having better features than the other.

In 2017, STIMFIT launched in the United States and Europe.  STIMFIT uses the same Swiss Stimulation Technology that Contour used in its original product from 2008 – 2012.  This technology is from Valmed, SA … a Swiss medical device company.  There are many differences between Slendertone, Contour, and FlexBelt but the biggest difference is that STIMFIT can be used for Abs and Back.  It’s the first EMS product that can work the entire core.  Before making the decision to purchase an ab belt, make sure you check out the big differences  between all of them.  Consumers should take a balanced approach to fitness.  Having strong abdominal muscles is as important has a strong back.  Plus, STIMFIT has a “circulation” program that provides soothing pulses to give relief to sore back muscles due to activity.  STIMFIT Ab + Back is distributed by BODYLOGIC WEARABLES.

Leah Garcia back belt